PrimeWork and ezeep Partner Up!


PrimeWork is a shared/flex office space solution provider. Our goal is to create a perfect environment for each of our clients to excel and succeed. We accomplish this by truly understanding our client’s vision, brand, goals and overall business model first. Then the incredible and creative PrimeWork team gets to work curating the perfect space for our clients. We currently operate over 40K sq ft of prime space which houses a variety of office suite sizes to accommodate any client in any business sector. 

Each location also houses a shared space which includes multiple different style conference rooms, multiple lounge areas, full-service cafés and much more. Additionally, all of our spaces are all-inclusive, including but not limited to: mega speed Wi-Fi, printing, cleaning, technical and mail services. The PrimeWork team ensures that every detail is considered and handled on our client’s behalf and we maintain this throughout the entirety of their lease. When a client uses their space at any of our locations, they can solely focus on growing their business, while we take care of the rest. 


As PrimeWork is an all-inclusive service, our biggest struggle regarding printing was to find a program that would allow each of our clients, as well as all future clients, access to our printers with minimal hassle. With each company operating a unique way and using many different types of devices, this was a challenge from the get-go and something we needed to take care of in a proper and most efficient way.

Our clients need to operate their business with zero interruptions, therefore the two most important factors are compatibility and ease. So, we needed a program that would link each of our clients, regardless of their infrastructure, to our printers with no hassle.


During our research for the right program we came across ezeep and they checked off most of the boxes, but we soon came to find out that the scope of functions was far greater than we initially realized. As we grew and our clientele became more diversified, there was no problem that ezeep couldn’t handle. The simplicity of the user interface is tremendous and a major benefit to PrimeWork and our clients.

What Avi Orlansky, Founder/CEO, has to say

We offer an all-inclusive flex office space solution, so to partner with companies like ezeep makes our job so much easier. When a client has a question about the printing setup (which they always do) we can confidently assure them that all their needs will be met and exceeded.

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Join Fellow #girlbosses for Working Women Wednesday at PrimeWork Somerset!

We would like to treat the incredible working women of Somerset to a fun night out! We recognize all the hardworking, creative, and multi-talented women in our area, and want to show our appreciation by hosting an event just for you.

Bring your fun and tons of business cards! It is time to loosen up and connect with new faces and build a business relationship. We can’t wait to meet you and learn about your dreams, struggles, and success!

Here’s how we’ll be celebrating YOU at the Working Women Wednesday event:

  • Network with incredible fellow #girlbosses in your area!
  • Get inspired by our awesome all-female panelists, including Sharelle Scott, Kimberly Francois, Sasha Buerano, and Carletta O. Beckwith.
  • Wine tasting lead by Bottle Republic
  • Cupcake give away from BAM Desserts
  • Basket giveaway sponsored by Tinks Golden Girls

We look forward to greeting you there! Be sure to help us spread the word by telling your friends! Tag them on Facebook, send them the event link, bring them as your plus one… a party’s more fun when it’s shared with others!

Date: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Place: 100 Franklin Square Dr. Suite 400 Somerset, NJ 08873





Meet Daphney of PrimeWork Brooklyn!

Meet Daphney of PrimeWork Brooklyn! Daphney is the dynamic Community Manager at PrimeWork Brooklyn. With her energetic attitude and love for the Brooklyn community, Daphney is the perfect fit for this modern, up-and-coming space.

Hi Daphney! So where are you from originally? What is your background?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, however I was blessed with parents from Haiti.

What is your favorite part of living and/or working in Brooklyn?

From the dirty streets to the rough commuters, one would think it’s a tough place to live but, in reality it’s the complete opposite. Don’t let the rough exterior fool you, Brooklyn is so diverse with so much culture and character in it. I’m so proud to call Brooklyn HOME!

What sets PrimeWork Brooklyn apart from other coworking space in your opinion?

Me! No other coworking space has a Daphney! We offer unique office space solutions that truly set us apart! (Don’t worry – we do offer coworking space as well) As far as decor, ambiance, amenities, and pricing, we’re in a league of our own. Unique, and one of a kind!

What is your parting message to our readers?

Spread love – it’s the Brooklyn way!

Interested in learning more about our Brooklyn space – and to meet Daphney in person? Visit our website and book a tour today! Looking forward to greeting you.


How the 9-to-5 Became the 5-to-9

Workin’ 9 – to – 5, what a way to make a living! There are many 80’s songs that haven’t aged well, but today, we’re going to challenge Dolly’s concept of the “average” American’s workday. Whether you’re a freelancer who works on your own schedule, a telecommuter who bends their hours at will, a workaholic who can’t step on the brakes at 5pm, or simply an overworked employee, we’ve all found ourselves stretching the boundaries of the standard 9 – to – 5 workday.

While the “Technological Revolution” technically began in the late 1960s, the transformation of our workforce into an army of floaters armed with laptops has become widespread far more recently. Businesses and organizations across all industries have morphed into a digital-based model, where employees can be scattered across the globe, but connected online via employee management tools like Active Collab, Basecamp, and Asana.

Here’s the question we should all be exploring: has this drastic shift to a mobile workforce increased efficiency, or increased burnout?

The problem with constant access to your workstation (i.e., your laptop), coupled with the fact that work can technically be executed on at all hours of the day, is that the work truly never ends. When job performance was dependent upon being able to access one’s “workstation”, whether that be machinery, in-person clients, or even a desktop computer, leaving the office meant your workday was DONE. Now that all you need to work on your tasks is your laptop and phone, which usually travel with you wherever you go, you can technically be working anywhere, anytime.

Some would assume this phenomenon is a boon for efficiency, but some would argue that that’s not the case. When work doesn’t fall within a certain timeframe, and employees spend hours and hours online, burnout rates increase exponentially. When you’re constantly hounded with emails, texts, emergencies, and fires to put out, with full access to take care of the problem that very second, it’s only a matter of time before you admit defeat and go the way of Michael Scott:

Declaring to all the world that you are 1,000% DONE.

So how do you prevent burnout when your job requires this availability? How do recalibrate your work life to stay within some semblance of the 9 – to – 5 structure?

Here are three quick tips to prevent you from experiencing the 5-to-9 burnout:

  1. If you’re a freelancer, find an inspiring spot that you’ll use as your “mental office.” When you’re in this coworking space, personal office, or coffee shop, you are in WORK MODE. Once you leave that space, your work day is over and you’re clocked out mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  2. If your job description requires this constant availability, you will have to sacrifice some of your free time to “the cause,” but some times of day need to be declared “sacred ground.” If you need to reclaim your morning for your mental health, let your employer / clients know that you’re Out – Of – Office between the hours of x and y, and do not answer those emails, texts, Slacks, etc.
  3. Don’t be afraid to know when to draw the line. If an employer or client is pushing you too far, or not respecting your requests for a semblance of work-life balance, it’s time to question if this job is aligned with the lifestyle you want to lead.

As the CEO of a shared office space company, I know firsthand how the disintegration of the 9 to 5 lifestyle can bleed into your personal life. By taking steps to ensure that you never lose sight of the true goal, you’re ensuring a healthier work-life balance, AND a more productive, efficient 9-to-5.

AviO is the CEO of PrimeWork Somerset. As an experienced operations manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and real estate industries, AviO brings a diverse background and high energy to the magnificent PrimeWork Somerset, as well as new PrimeWork locations opening throughout the Tri-State area. To learn more about the space, visit and schedule a tour!


How Long Is Your Commute?

How Long Is Your Commute?

Commuting to work might have surpassed baseball as America’s pastime. It’s favorite pastime? Not so much, and the amount of hours we spend everyday trekking to and from work adds to up to some truly astronomical numbers.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, if you live in New York and commute to work then you are one of a whopping 9,024,559 workers who do this every day, compared to New Jersey’s  4,166,286. And according to the New York Post, the average round-trip commute time for NYC goers is 57.92 minutes, fourth longest just behind DC (60.42 minutes), San Francisco (59.2 minutes) and Chicago (58.5 minutes). These are staggering numbers.

With employees taking all of this wasted time out of their busy day to travel, more and more businesses are choosing to operate out of shared workspaces due to their close proximity to residential areas and many convenient locations. Employers understand the simple fact that less travel time equals more work time which equals more dollars in their pockets.

From the employee’s standpoint, it’s just as lucrative. All that time spent on planes, trains and automobiles add up to time spent unpaid, leading companies to now offer to pay for commute costs. Sean Coughlan, a BBC News education and family correspondent, believe that emails while commuting should count as work. She is not alone in this thought.

But it isn’t just about dollars and cents, commuting is known as “the stress that doesn’t pay”. Quality of life drops when you are a part of a system which collectively spent 5.5 billion hours traveling to work in 2011. Today’s workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers and a large contributing factor is how long their commute is. A survey showed that 23% of those leaving their jobs attribute it to their commute. It’s the unpredictability and the sudden loss of control of the situation which stresses people out.

The lack of commute is just one of the many reasons why businesses are switching from traditional commercial real estate to shared workspaces. PrimeWork Somerset offers the outstanding facilities and magnificent views of big-city coworking with small-town charm and convenience.

This new year, give yourself the gift of a shorter commute – and less stress. Join us at PrimeWork Somerset. We’d love to show you around!


Meet Imani of PrimeWork Somerset!

Meet Imani, the talented Community Manager at PrimeWork Somerset! Imani’s ready smile and infectious positive energy are a true asset to our workspace. Let’s have a chat with Imani about what’s up-and-coming at our space and her favorite part of living in Somerset.

Hi Imani! Can you describe your role here at PrimeWork?

Hi! I’m the Community Manager here at PrimeWork, so I’m the go-to person to help our members with anything they could possibly need. I also oversee the facility, and make sure the building is running smoothly.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Irvington New Jersey, but I moved to Somerset when I was about 7 years old.

What’s your favorite part of living in Somerset?

I love how everything is close together. We have a lot of businesses here, a lot of restaurants, and many different types of people – I’m always seeing new faces! Everyone I’ve known throughout my life, I’ve met in Somerset at some point (laughs). This town is just awesome! Everyone is always smiling and happy, It’s a great area.

Nice! So back to PrimeWork – do you find that there’s one particular industry that lends itself well to a shared office space?

We truly have something to offer for every industry. From interior design, to web development, to marketing and technology, even the health industry! This area has a lot of young entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Renting office space tends to be the largest expense for new startups, so we help this fledgling business-minded community by providing a neat solution.

What amenities and features does PrimeWork offer that sets this space apart?

We have all the amenities you would find in NYC-style spaces and then some! We wanted to provide Somerset and the surrounding communities with the modern aesthetic and tech-savvy shared working space standards they’d find in larger cities. PrimeWork offers big-city elegance in a suburban environment, so you can leave behind the hassles of commuting and enjoy our bright, open, and airy space – right in your backyard.

What do you feel is the ultimate inspiration behind PrimeWork Somerset?

We want to build up a community, especially in a warm place like Somerset. Our goal for the space is to create a homey, relaxed, warm atmosphere, while also providing an inspiring, business-centric environment. I think we’re already well on our way to accomplishing this really unique goal. Come visit us and see for yourself!

Thanks, Imani! You can meet Imani when you take your tour of the PrimeWork space. She looks forward to greeting you. See you in Somerset!