How Long Is Your Commute?

How Long Is Your Commute?

Commuting to work might have surpassed baseball as America’s pastime. It’s favorite pastime? Not so much, and the amount of hours we spend everyday trekking to and from work adds to up to some truly astronomical numbers.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, if you live in New York and commute to work then you are one of a whopping 9,024,559 workers who do this every day, compared to New Jersey’s  4,166,286. And according to the New York Post, the average round-trip commute time for NYC goers is 57.92 minutes, fourth longest just behind DC (60.42 minutes), San Francisco (59.2 minutes) and Chicago (58.5 minutes). These are staggering numbers.

With employees taking all of this wasted time out of their busy day to travel, more and more businesses are choosing to operate out of shared workspaces due to their close proximity to residential areas and many convenient locations. Employers understand the simple fact that less travel time equals more work time which equals more dollars in their pockets.

From the employee’s standpoint, it’s just as lucrative. All that time spent on planes, trains and automobiles add up to time spent unpaid, leading companies to now offer to pay for commute costs. Sean Coughlan, a BBC News education and family correspondent, believe that emails while commuting should count as work. She is not alone in this thought.

But it isn’t just about dollars and cents, commuting is known as “the stress that doesn’t pay”. Quality of life drops when you are a part of a system which collectively spent 5.5 billion hours traveling to work in 2011. Today’s workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers and a large contributing factor is how long their commute is. A survey showed that 23% of those leaving their jobs attribute it to their commute. It’s the unpredictability and the sudden loss of control of the situation which stresses people out.

The lack of commute is just one of the many reasons why businesses are switching from traditional commercial real estate to shared workspaces. PrimeWork Somerset offers the outstanding facilities and magnificent views of big-city coworking with small-town charm and convenience.

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