Meet Imani of PrimeWork Somerset!

Meet Imani, the talented Community Manager at PrimeWork Somerset! Imani’s ready smile and infectious positive energy are a true asset to our workspace. Let’s have a chat with Imani about what’s up-and-coming at our space and her favorite part of living in Somerset.

Hi Imani! Can you describe your role here at PrimeWork?

Hi! I’m the Community Manager here at PrimeWork, so I’m the go-to person to help our members with anything they could possibly need. I also oversee the facility, and make sure the building is running smoothly.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Irvington New Jersey, but I moved to Somerset when I was about 7 years old.

What’s your favorite part of living in Somerset?

I love how everything is close together. We have a lot of businesses here, a lot of restaurants, and many different types of people – I’m always seeing new faces! Everyone I’ve known throughout my life, I’ve met in Somerset at some point (laughs). This town is just awesome! Everyone is always smiling and happy, It’s a great area.

Nice! So back to PrimeWork – do you find that there’s one particular industry that lends itself well to a shared office space?

We truly have something to offer for every industry. From interior design, to web development, to marketing and technology, even the health industry! This area has a lot of young entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Renting office space tends to be the largest expense for new startups, so we help this fledgling business-minded community by providing a neat solution.

What amenities and features does PrimeWork offer that sets this space apart?

We have all the amenities you would find in NYC-style spaces and then some! We wanted to provide Somerset and the surrounding communities with the modern aesthetic and tech-savvy shared working space standards they’d find in larger cities. PrimeWork offers big-city elegance in a suburban environment, so you can leave behind the hassles of commuting and enjoy our bright, open, and airy space – right in your backyard.

What do you feel is the ultimate inspiration behind PrimeWork Somerset?

We want to build up a community, especially in a warm place like Somerset. Our goal for the space is to create a homey, relaxed, warm atmosphere, while also providing an inspiring, business-centric environment. I think we’re already well on our way to accomplishing this really unique goal. Come visit us and see for yourself!

Thanks, Imani! You can meet Imani when you take your tour of the PrimeWork space. She looks forward to greeting you. See you in Somerset!